Holla Everyone,

Finally I’m back home after meeting a lot of amazing people and having an amazing experience at Maker Fest, Ahmedhabad. I want to tell you about three things from Maker Fest.

  • The Amazing Things I Taught
  • The Amazing Things I Learnt
  • The Amazing People I met

Everything about Makerfest is so Amazing.I know I’m using this word Amazing a lot but Maker Fest Really Deserves it.

Maker Fest is a Indian Version of Maker Faire which is Conducted across American Countries.Maker Fest is a Home for Innovators,Creators,Makers,Explorers from all Over India where they Exhibit and Teach people about what they make and how they are going to make History.More about Maker Fest can be found here.

IMG_7152 IMG_7492 IMG_7384 IMG_7420

The Things I Taught!

I was a part of Maker Fest to Teach People about Web,Internet and Webmaker Tools. Web has became an integral part of our life. A 8 Year old kid to a 70 year old man is using web in one way or the other. Internet changed the way we used to look at things.Webmaker project is to transform people from Web users to Web Makers. We taught people about how Web is made and how fun it would be creating Web using our Tools.

IMG_7912 IMG_7830 IMG_7814

I Still remember the smile on a 10 Year old boy when he saw his name on the First Page of Times of India website, The smile on the face of the couple when I showed them how they can easily make a video and publish it with their pictures using Popcorn Maker, The smile on the face of a beautiful girl when I gave a demo of how she can make cute greeting cards and share it with her friends using Thimble, The joy on a mom’s face when she made her own timer and installed it on her device using Appmaker.Those memories about Maker Fest are unforgettable.


We also got a Photo Booth at a stall where people can come and click selfies at our stall with our Firefox OS glasses.But here is a problem, Our camera will take Selfies only if people Shout at the Camera (_Tripad tricks played this time with a mobile app ). Mozilla Stall was one of the most Happening Stall at Maker Fest.Yeah! Our Innovative/Crazy Stuff payed a long way here.

IMG_7604 IMG_7622 IMG_7640 IMG_7707


The Things I Learnt!

I heard a lot about Maker Fest from the past year’s attendees, It is all about Learning. But Being a part of it is one of a Life Time Experience. You will get a chance to Explore things from Different backdrops,learn many awesome stuff from the makers around you.

How to

    • Ride a Unicycle

I saw a unicycle at a Circus in my Childhood. I never thought I would get a chance to try it.Infact even if I get a Chance I never thought i could ride it. But thank you Makerfest,I Rided this Electronic Unicycle(with the help of my friend). The most amazing thing is the maker himself said I was riding very well and will ride by myself if I was given a day more.Yayyy!Happy Tears.

    • Communicate with disabled people using a simple app

I used to watch deaf and mute people communicating with each other using signs and symbols and used to wonder what they are actually talking about.But this Gorgeous Young girl made a Mobile app which helps me to communicate with them.Awesome thing right!

    • do Grafitti

Grafitti has always been a thing which I always wanted to try and this time I did it.we tried our first masterpiece on Maker Fest Signboard.

    • Play NFS Most wanted using stuff made from Google Cardboard


    • Kinect works with 3 Printer

You know you can have your own mould of your face using a 3D Printer equipped with a Kinect.Hmmm….we can do many awesome things using kinect rather than just playing Video games with it.

  • Pretty Awesome Stuff is made using Google Cardboard
  • Awesome, Paper works could be
  • enjoyable electronics and circuits can be
  • Google glass works also how an Indian made a Google glass at Rs.5000[This is Epic]
  • Biogas is prepared from Kitchen Waste
  • Super cool Tee’s are made for Next Gen Kids

There were Many Such Fantastic Stuff around me which I failed to Explore(Time matters 😦 )

The Awesome People I met!

One more Interest thing about Maker Fest is you get a chance to meet Super cool Innovative minds. Firstly Surender Reddy, I met him for the second time.The Guy from Redd Robotics who always comes up with his creative stuff and this time He brought Game of Thrones winter fell made of 3D Printer.Just Wow for your Creation Surendranath.Nextly I met a girl, kinjal chaudhri who made an android app to understand the deaf and mute.Another Guy who controls a Wheel chair using his eyeball.These Makers are using Technology in their own way to make the world a better place to live.Best wishes to you all. And Here comes my favourite one the Unicycle.The Team said they are going to Open Source his Unicycle Project.Such an Inspiration you are.


There are many such Innovators,Creators,Do Gooders,Makers and a Lot more at Maker Fest. It is like Kite Festival Happened to us before the time.

IMG_0511 IMG_0533


Happy to be a part of Such fabulous Festival. Thank You Mozilla for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of Makerfest,Ahmedhabad.

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