My Journey to Mozlondon

FSA program is beyond the benefits listed in the wiki pages and website. It helps you to explore yourself and Learn a lot about Community participation.It motivates you in every way to be a leader of your community and It helps you to learn about Creative thinking and Critical Thinking. It gives you an opportunity to involve in Real time projects and motivates you every time.


The Past two years with FSA Program have been so amazing.It helped me to be a person which I always wanted to be.It gave me so many Opportunities, Challenges and amazing initiatives where I can learn and participate.It Introduced me to many amazing people and showed me what openweb should mean to me.

Hive @Vizag21c13-dsc04340

My First Interaction with Mozilla was in July-2012.As a computer science student i was interested in exploring technologies and attended a session by Mozilla Rep Srikar Ananthula in my college. There was an app of the month contest running on at that time and since I was a web developer I made an app and participated in the contest.I participated twice but never won.In the process of learning,making an app and participating in the contest I came accross many interesting people in the Mozilla India community. This is one incredible community filled with enthusiastic and energetic contributors who always love to help if you want to contribute. That spirit in Mozilla India made me interested in joining the Community and immediately I created my Mozillians Profile. From then on there was no Stop.


It has been wonderful being a part of Many Campaigns, Initiatives, Organizing Events, Learning, Contributing and Participating.Here goes few happenings in my journey with Mozilla

  • Rep of the Month in January 2015
  • 2 Years of Amazing Journey from a Firefox Student Ambassador to VP of Contributions at Executive Board of FSA Program
  • Mozilla Tech Speaker from pilot run-2
  • Privacy Campaign in January 2016
  • Hive Pop up at Vizag
  • Community India Meetup,Hyderabad in 2014
  • Mozilla Beta Camp, Bangalore in 2014
  • Firefox OS App Days in Indore(Needs a mention cz My first talk outside my state B-|)
  • Speaker at Womaniya-2015, Warangal
  • Organized Women in Technology being a part of ETF(Event Taskforce)-Mozilla India to encourage Women Participation in the Community
  • Organized Womoz App Sprint in Hyderabad to Empower Mozilla Hyderabad women community.
  • Mozilla Presence Organizer at Maker Fest 2016(Largest Maker Festival in India)
  • Participated in Maker Fest 2015 as Mozilla India Representative
  • Gave two talks about Webmaker Project and Webmaker tools at FOSSASIA-2015(First talk outside India \o/)
  • Managed FoxYeah Campaign in India as a part of ETF Team.
  • Organized 20+ Webmaker events at Schools, Colleges, Maker Spaces and Community Spaces.
  • Launched 15+ Firefox Clubs in Various Colleges in Hyderabad
  • Organizer and Speaker at 20+ Overnight Hackathons around India Including VIT University App Days, BITS Hyderabad Firefox OS Hackathon, IOT Hackathon at JNTU University
  • Co-organizer of Firefox OS Stall at International Gadget Rush, Hyderabad
  • Participated in Whistler Workweek and Orlando Workweek being a part of #FSADreamTeam
  • Pariticipated in Leadership Summit at Singapore as a Participation Cohort
  • Co-organizer of Firefox 10 bus in India
  • Participated in Mozilla Taskforce Meetup 2015 representing Event Taskforce team and FSA Taskforce.
  • Gave about 80+ Talks at various Educational Institutions, Community Spaces, Maker Spaces, Industrial Organizations and few Conferences.

And Yes, I still microblog everything here even if I don’t get enough time to blog everything.



It has been an incredible journey with Mozilla for 2+ long years and this June I will be attending Mozilla workweek at London #Mozlondon to plan the future of Mozilla on Campuses along with Campus Campaign team, Mozilla Foundation, my FSA Team and many other super fantastic people.

My Organizational Goals are

  • To help Participation team in Shaping the future of Mozilla on Campuses.
  • To help the Campus Campaign team in creating a Successful, full stretch Impactful Campaign in campuses.
  • To discuss with Connected devices team about how the volunteers with different domains of Knowledge can contribute to Connected devices project.
  • To discuss with Tech speakers team in setting the goals and vision in launching Local Tech Speaker volunteer groups.


My personal goals before heading to Mozlondon are

  • To learn and explore the design thinking approaches which the participation team generally follows in solving many major critical issues.
  • To learn about Creating Impactful initiatives with Communities and maintaining the sustainability in communities.
  • To learn about various parameters that empower communities and How to Ignite the spark in the inception of Community.

Mozlondon is 10 days away and I m so excited about the Experiences I’m going to have at workweek.

Thank you for reading this.

Leadership summit 2016

I always used to hear about Mozilla Summit-2013, A global gathering in San francisco 2 years back which is a volunteer meet and I always used to wonder how it looks when so many volunteers around the globe come together at a place to Learn,Explore,Energize and Dream about the future of the web and their role in empowering it. I used to think about how it would feel to be a part of such global gathering and it finally happened with the 2016 Leadership Summit at Singapore.

2015 has been an incredible year for me as a volunteer as I got involved in Firefox Student Ambassador Program and Tech Speaker program. with the participation team coming into action there has been major changes in the participation of volunteers,contributors in Mozilla. The PT(Participation team) planned for 3 global gatherings to get volunteers at a place to design the future of their participation in Mozilla and get the things done by the end of the gathering. One such gathering is Leadership Summit at Singapore.

As a volunteer it was a memorable moment to meet my co-volunteers around the globe finally at a place and it indeed reminded me of my previous visit to Singapore(I was a speaker at Fossasia-15 \o/).

I loved the leadership summit a lot as it is the first meetup where FSA Executive board met without missing everyone for the first time and we missed you TJ.IMG_1911.CR2

Day1 started with talks from George, Mark and Rosana.

Rosana started talking about how incredible we are and how diversified we are. We were diversified in many ways. We had volunteers in their teens going to college to 60+ years old contributors in the crowd. when it comes to occupations we are everywhere.To my surprise we had an astronaut too from the crowd.


Mark, Super energetic as always spoke about the past challenges we overcame as a community and how we should be prepared to face the Future challenges(eg. Freebasics -_-). Mark spoke about how they fought with Microsoft to make them allow 3rd party browser installation.


The personality test workshop by George was one of the amazing workshops I attended. Truly saying it helped to realize I am not the only one and there are many others who take things similarly.IMG_0649

This was followed by the division of tracks into Campus Campaign and Connected devices.And for obvious reasons I was in Campus Campaign track because Campus Campaign choose me \o/ .

The people from 270 Strategies are amazing and It was great working with them at Orlando Work Week. I like the way they work and the appreciation they give for your ideas. They first analyze the existing culture and help us to plan it better and execute it in a more impactful way.

Later we had a gathering on FSA’s role in Campus Campaign leaded by Brian and Faye. At the end of the meet we got tons of inputs from the FSA’s, RAL’s, E Board and Reps. We understood what we were doing well and what we lacked in our Program. The meet was planned very well and I felt so excited from the output.

Day 2 was another amazing day and was an Important day for FSA Team as well. We had an FSA meet discussing about the 2016 goals, plans and the immediate To-Do’s after getting back to home.


It was later followed by Campus Campaign closing session and later ended with a closing ceremony by George and Rosana. Yeah we had a Thank you Francisco moment at the end and yes it is impossible to do such gatherings without him.


It was another amazing and thrilling experience to be a part of it. I learned a lot about Strategies,Impact, Facing Challenges, Leadership ,Personality development and most importantly I learnt how Mozilla community has always been impactful in protecting the worlds largest public resource Internet.


And with team work comes so many responsibilities and Fun.Cheers to everyone who were part of my beautiful days at Leadership Summit.




Privacy Month-January 2016

As a part of Data Privacy day this January, Mozilla India Launched Privacy campaign this January with the Mission to educate the Internet  users about the Importance of User Privacy on internet and How they should protect themselves from all privacy threats.

Volunteers around the world joined together to be a part of this campaign. Mozilla Reps, FSA’s and Firefox lovers participated in this campaign to educate people about Privacy, Security, Digital footprint, How Mozilla values user privacy and protects the Internet users with Firefox browser features such as Tracking protection, Lightbeam, Forgot button etc. It has been an incredible month with many offline and online events going around the world and the most beautiful part of this campaign is that this is all initiated by volunteers and even the complete campaign is run by volunteers.

We had the Largest Privacy booth with 30000+ Spectators and 5000+ Attendees visited our Booth at Maker Fest in ahmedabad.I organized it as a part of Event Taskforce team of Mozilla India. Kudos to the team Trishul, Ashish, Prathamesh, Ankit Mehtha, Mehul Patel, Sanjay Gowri and Aman Sehgal representing Mozilla India at the Event.

Here goes few blog links and videos:

Online campaign started before January reaching out to as many people as I can. I created a meme for publicity about privacy month. Haha!



The First offline campaign in Hyderabad started with a Train the Trainer session (TTT) to educate the mentors about Privacy month and discussing about the ideas to reach out to people.And I think this is the first offline event in the privacy month as well.We made a plan about how to reach out to people with our creative ideas. DSC_0051

we later thought that online platform is an incredible platform to reach out to internet users about privacy over internet.This is what we did by the end of the day. We got these printed and clicked pictures and tweeted them,posted on Facebook and we had a good outreach more than what we expected.


Here are few links of the offline events happened in Hyderabad

And thats how Privacy Month ended teaching the internet users to protect themselves from tracking and teaching them how important their privacy is for themselves. Here are few statistics about the Privacy Campaign.

privacy report

Excited about Campus Campaign now. \o/


Mozilla And Firefox OS @PurpleTalk Inc

It has been a bit of time I did’nt blogged! Priorities matter. But the 1 Hr Talk we had at PurpleTalk Inc,Hyderabad is making me to Blog about it. The resources we used and the kind of Audience we had today is quite different than the one we used previously. I gave a Professional talk after a long time I could say. Involving more as a Community Strategist,Mentoring and My new Job got me away from Speaking.

Today we had a 1.25 Hr Talk with the Employees of PurpleTalk Inc. It was unique in different ways.We always had long talks completely talking about Firefox OS and Apps of which most of the time our Target audience were Student Developers.This time we had a developers working at a Company. The irony is most of the attendees are Android and Windows Phone Developers.Yeah! I got a Thug Life to go with talking about Firefox OS to other OS Developers and Users.

I Started my presentation talking about Firefox OS, Architecture, How Developer Friendly Firefox OS is and continued talking about WebAPI’s, Packaged Apps and Hosted Apps, Debugging and Testing of Apps,Publishing. Thanks to Senior App Reviewer Jai Pradeesh for your Side Deck . I made my own version with the help of your presentation. You can find my side deck here .

12167294_10152950281151116_384381818_n 12168150_10152950281171116_1009898564_n

Later Ram Dayal Continued his Presentation about Firefox OS Add-ons and WebRTC. You can Find his presentation here.

12167746_10152950280926116_1499677037_n 12092560_10152950281056116_603494185_n

Finally it was time for our Community Leader Vineel to Speak about Mozilla and Communities. He Spoke about Mozilla, Various Projects and Programs in Mozilla, How our community actually owns 30 % of Browser users just with the help of participation from Community and Volunteers.


Every talk I give, teaches me something and today I learnt about how to manage time while giving a presentation. We got like 60 Minutes for our talks and we managed everything so well by our collaboration.The Recent Tech Speakers Pilot which I was a part of helped me to improved me a lot about Speaking and Creating impact with your talk.Thank you PurpleTalk Inc for Inviting us.

PS: The presentations are opensource! Anyone can edit it and use for their Presentation.:)

Rust Meetup Hyderabad

It has always been an awesome feeling when I organize something Unique and finally turns out to be fantastic party.Rust is a Systems Programming Language From Mozilla Foundation which is famous for not throwing Null pointer exceptions and Segmentation faults,Yes it is so cool. Thank you so much Manish for helping me out with the event.

The Event turned out to be an Housefull Event! Yayyy… I was expecting about 30 Enthusiasts but it turned out be double the strength despite the New Programming Language we are going to deal with.The most Interesting part of this Meetup is most of the attendees are students.

18739253249_328d4f2d8e_z 18920157162_2d369106c7_z 18925426865_46dda0d864_z 18928308261_01f964d01b_z

We followed the below Agenda during the Event.This pattern is Open Source and Everyone can use it for such Event!


  • Intro to Rust
  • Problems with C++
  • Solution for those Problems
  • Basics of Rust
  • Datatypes in Rust
  • Memory Management


Manish did an Amazing job in dealing with the diversified crowd. The post Lunch time totally went on completely with Discussions.Mostly the Discussions went around with the usecases of Rust in their Projects.

Finally we took our Group pic !

Thank you so much Vineel for Helping me out with the Event and providing us the space (Collab House) for the Event.

Hands on Webmaker App

Webmaker App has always been a product which I have been curious to know about, from the time it was Announced. Webmaker App which was announced to be a Smartphone app where a web user can create his own web content, publish it and share it with public has finally took its shape. Using this app one can make web apps from their smart phone without having any knowledge about coding.

Webmaker Project is a part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission to create a more open, web literate world.I’m sure Webmaker app gonna change the way in which people look at Web. That would be an awesome moment when a user who uses Web everyday started to make his own web apps and share it with people. This is going to be possible with this webmaker app.

Since the webmaker app is released as a beta release I have organized a Hands on Event on 14th June,2015 with my local Webmaker Teaching Community.It was so much fun. I got a diversified team for the event which got 2 super mentors, 1 mentor and about 8+ Newbies.  I wrote everything about how our event went here,What are the Problems faced with webmaker app during the meet and what all preparations I made before the meet below.

  • First Create an Etherpad First to collect feedback and improvements about the app from the participants of the event.On the etherpad mention some ideas about what they can build using the app.


  • Download the Webmaker app before the event so that even if you have slow Internet during the event you will be able to transfer it to other phones via Bluetooth. PS: Running the app require Internet.
  • If you faced any error after installing the beta version of app( eg:App stopped working ) then restart your phone.Not sure if this is the right solution but it worked.
  • If you don’t have a webmaker Account,cool then create one.If you already have a webmaker account then sign in directly.Sometimes you will face a invalid login error.This is because most of us will be using Persona Login for webmaker account and we never set the password for our webmaker account.So Reset the password and login again,it works.
  • Explore each and every option,button,feature and Everything in the app and ask the attendees to add their feedback to the etherpad.
  • Then Brainstorm the ideas about what webapp you can build using this app. Go to Discover Tab to get ideas about what you can build using Webmaker App.
  • You can make a simple webapp of a Recipe to make Instant Noodles to a webapp showing How to Spent 3 Nights in Los Vegas! B-|
  • Take lots of pics and Interact as much as possible with the attendees during the Event.

11262946_10152727521131116_964997869_n 11270103_10152727521086116_33219958_n 11297706_10152727520616116_2107241991_n 11324104_10152727520721116_668572147_n

Finally don’t forget to Share your Feedback with the Webmaker Team.They will always Love to hear from you.🙂

Moz Coffee- Firefox Growth Campaign

Mozcoffee is an interactive/Informal meetup with 2 or more people where people usually discuss on various Updates/Reports of happenings around Mozilla and Local Community.

With the intent to support Firefox Growth Campaign and Celebrate the Latest Firefox update we had a moz-coffee on June 2nd at our Community Space(Collab House) at Hyderabad along with bunch of FSA’s,Club Leads,Community Leaders,contributors and few other awesome people.

Had tonnes of discussions about what type of activities FSA’s can plan in their college in support to Firefox . I finally made a Teaching kit about how our event went around so if people don’t have any idea about what exciting and awesome things you can do as a part of mozcoffee then you can have a look at my teaching kit here .

We started with the Introduction of each of the attendee with their name and their contributions so far in Mozilla.later we discussed about firefox and Spring campaign and how fsa’s can do fantastic things as a part of Spring campaign. You can find everything in detail in my teaching kit. ^_^


Here goes our group photo with our attendees. Finally we had an amazing fun time in the end making our own meme’s,sharing it on facebook and tweeting them.Firefox growth campaign will always b a campaign to be remembered whose memories can be cherished for another year for bringing out the hidden creativity n humour in everyone.

Thanks a lot Vineel for providing us with the space for celebrations!Thank you Sai and Akshay for joining me.