Firefox OS Hackathon @IFHE

Hello All,

              Firefox OS offers a new world of possibility to developers and consumers by offering a real alternative to the existing closed smartphone duopoly. The exciting news about expanding Firefox OS ecosystem is we fill the need for a fully adaptable, unconstrained mobile platform and working to deliver an innovative and customized mobile web experience that people are missing today. The number of mobile app developers and web developers building for Firefox OS is expected to triple around Hyderabad. We are confident that 2014 will be yet another exciting year for Mozilla and Firefox OS in expanding their territory. On 8th – 9th Feb 2014 Mozilla Boot Camp a 24 hour hackathon was conducted at IFHE (ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education) Hyderabad by Mozilla Club Hyderabad Team (Srikar Ananthula, Raghuram Korukonda and Me(Santosh Viswanatham))
            Here comes my Experience about the Recent Firefox OS Hackathon +IFHE HYDERABAD .Hope it is not too Late. 😉 Whenever I organize any Mozilla Event at any college the first test comes is to find the place where my event is going to be held. Thank you IFHE you solved this problem by showing the way with the help of fireFOX paws. The auditorium was colorfully decorated with ballons inside and rangoli outside the auditorium.

            About 110+ developers and many more Open source enthusiasts around Hyderabad joined us at the event and 8+ apps were submitted to the Firefox marketplace. Code Warriors loved spending their whole night coding for Firefox OS. The non-stop 24 hour Hackathon took off in a traditional style of lightening the lamp by the Respective Director of IFHE,Hyderabad . It was a great experience for the attendees getting their hands dirty with the Keon developer devices, a smartphone released by GeeksPhone powered by Firefox OS. The most interesting fact about the Hackathon is most of the developers are amateurs with a Very little(Almost Zero) knowledge of HTML. It was a great Experience Mentoring these students the Whole night without any sleep.

          My Session Started of with Intro to SUMO Program after an intro about Mozilla and its mission from Raghuram. Then My session Continued with What is Open source,Firefox OS Demo, X ray Goggling on Google Homepage, Publishing a Thimble page, Editing a video using popcornmaker, Developing applications for firefox OS, MarketPlace and how to submit an app into the marketplace.People got confused and excited at the same time on seeing Google page of their own college. At the end of the Event attendees created their developer accounts on Firefox Marketplace and submitted their apps into the marketplace.
                        Finally A group pic together with the volunteers and organizers. Thank You Jayanth, Deepansh and Pranitha of IFHE for Inviting me and Organizing this Awesome event for 24 hours.
Thank you Mozilla IN.

Maker Party Pre-Planning @SNIST

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           Here comes another meet from the Active Mozillians of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology,Hyderabad.It has been about five months after the formation Firefox Club at SNIST, The Technical Enthusiasts Irrespective of all Branches and Years have joined the Club to contribute to the World of Open Source.


  • Discussing about the Last week proposals and the Response from Students.
  • Discussions and Decisions about the upcoming webmaker party in March.
  • Also planned of making a video for our club i.e journey in firefox snist till today.

Here it Goes!!

       The meet was about 1 hour and was attended by 20 students of the club.It was all kind of awesome meet that we never had.That was all funny.We discussed about the success of Firefox OS App days@SNIST and the response from students.The response was beyond the expectations,we never expected such a response from students.Everyone is so excited about the upcoming Webmaker party and interested in making videos.

               Hoping for a Great Support and Encouragement from Mozilla India!!!