I Quit my First job

I joined Infosys as soon as I stepped out of my Engineering. Like any other fresher I went to Mysore for my training and I was lucky enough to complete my Training when i was a student in my 4.2 along with the major project which everyone do their engineering final year under the guidance of Infosys.

I just left my job at Infosys after 2 long years, working at Mysore, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Trivandrum. It was a continuous learning and challenging experience working with short teams and incredible clients.

There a ton of reasons why I stayed with Infosys for 2 long years and why I left Infosys now. Thought to share with everyone.

Pros of working with Infosys

  • You get a chance to work with brilliant/ experienced minds and learn a lot.
  • You will learn to build top class quality products rather than just building a product for the client.
  • If you are lucky you will get a chance to work in projects from┬átop notch companies Like Microsoft, Apple and what not.
  • You will find everything you need for your daily life at your workplace. Gym, Swimming pool, Hair saloons, Sports centers, Shopping corners etc.(Of course you will have to pay for everything)
  • Really good transportation system Infrastructure which most companies don’t provide.(Again you need to pay for it)
  • A number of extra-curricular activities takes place around Infosys but once you get into a project you won’t get time to participate in any of them.
  • You will always be in your comfort zone and you will love the job if you want to be in comfort zone.
  • You will never feel stressed and your manager will help you with everything they could(If you work with a good manager)
  • If you are in good hands then you will be provided with great mentorship.
  • You are really encouraged to take up things other than work such as open source contributions. In fact they got their own internal appreciation portal for such activities.

Cons of working with Infosys

  • You will be a SLAVE if you are not a dependable resource in your project. You will be asked to work on all weekends with no pays or extra leaves.
  • You will be asked not to take your Leaves neither you can encash them and finally just let them expire.
  • You are expected to spend your own money on official travels and stays else you will be threatened to shut down during appraisals.
  • For starters and lower job levels, the increment in the pay they get will settle up with Inflation in economy and increased prices in the services(parking charges, facilities charge) around DC.
  • Terrible cost cutting methods(There won’t be any tissues in the washrooms and your coffee Machines will have dedicated timings in times of cost cutting)
  • Employee career development would be the least preferred option in the organization. They just launch a program to improve this and generate numbers on how many people registered but never really care about how impactful the programs are.
  • Employee safety is another least preferred option at least in Trivandrum DC (for outsiders). Bringing this up to the top senior management in the DC turns out to be bad for our self.
  • Retention rate is very low(Main reason why Infosys doesn’t need to lay off people)
  • Integrity, I was shocked when few Managers were creating fake meetings with onsite team outside working hours just to generate the billing from the client.
  • There is a lot of epic shit few Managers will do cheating clients just to generate revenue and billing. In the long run you will do the same and expected to do the same. (I was glad I was not a part of such teams).
  • The people who generate the billing and actually work on deliverables are the least paid staff.
  • A friend who was on leave for 6 months and on bench for the remaining 6 months got 3 times the increment during appraisals than another friend who was the sole contributor in a huge project.
  • The profits which they show you on TV are not because of increased revenue, It is just because the employees are paid less and other severe cost cutting methods.

Keeping all these pros and cons aside, Infosys is a beautiful place to get your career started with, a relief from rat race which you have been a part of from years and you will actually get trained to learn yourself and face the challenges ahead.


I think I may return to Infosys but only after the Top Level management actually starts giving shit about Clients and Employees rather than counting profits for every quarter. Once the employees believe that they are a part of a mission and Client feel they are valued rather than doped, you will automatically grow profits.