Moz Coffee- Firefox Growth Campaign

Mozcoffee is an interactive/Informal meetup with 2 or more people where people usually discuss on various Updates/Reports of happenings around Mozilla and Local Community.

With the intent to support Firefox Growth Campaign and Celebrate the Latest Firefox update we had a moz-coffee on June 2nd at our Community Space(Collab House) at Hyderabad along with bunch of FSA’s,Club Leads,Community Leaders,contributors and few other awesome people.

Had tonnes of discussions about what type of activities FSA’s can plan in their college in support to Firefox . I finally made a Teaching kit about how our event went around so if people don’t have any idea about what exciting and awesome things you can do as a part of mozcoffee then you can have a look at my teaching kit here .

We started with the Introduction of each of the attendee with their name and their contributions so far in Mozilla.later we discussed about firefox and Spring campaign and how fsa’s can do fantastic things as a part of Spring campaign. You can find everything in detail in my teaching kit. ^_^


Here goes our group photo with our attendees. Finally we had an amazing fun time in the end making our own meme’s,sharing it on facebook and tweeting them.Firefox growth campaign will always b a campaign to be remembered whose memories can be cherished for another year for bringing out the hidden creativity n humour in everyone.

Thanks a lot Vineel for providing us with the space for celebrations!Thank you Sai and Akshay for joining me.


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