Speaking at F8-Bash, Hyderabad

I was given an opportunity to be a keynote speaker at F8-bash 2017 at Hyderabad. It is rather different from my other talks because this time my target audience was STARTUP’s and its Executives. I came to know that our Ex-IT miniter Ponnala Lakshmaiah garu is another keynote speaker along with me and I was really glad to share the stage with him.

The title for my talk was ‘Mozilla: Beyond the browser‘. You can find my slides here. The overall goal of my talk was

  • To convince the Startup Ecosystem about why they should not rely on mobile apps anymore
  • How Internet has changed in the past 5 years and How it is going to be in the next 5 years
  • What does Mozilla do beyond Firefox browser ( which it is well known for )and How their technologies can support startups.

We also had a Mozilla booth with webVR demos, distributed Addon and WebVR hacksheets to the participants along with few goodies. Thank you giridhar for helping me out at the Mozilla booth.


F8 bash was a really good event for networking and a good platform to learn and pitch your startup with a good crowd of 100+ participants. Many startups who are in the early stage of inception pitched their startups and collected feedback from the hosts.

Thank you Shyam for inviting me(and for the token of good health). It was my pleasure to be a speaker at F8-Bash. See you in next edition.



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