Publishing your browser add-on to Firefox Add-on Marketplace

You might have probably developed your first add-on and searched for ‘Publishing your add-on to Firefox marketplace’ and finally landed up here. In this post I will be discussing about How to publish your Browser add-on to Firefox Add-on Marketplace.

Firefox Add-on Marketplace ( known as AMO is a home for thousands of add-ons. If you have developed a Firefox browser add-on and want to make it available to global audience then AMO is the right place to publish your add-on.

Step 1:

Open AMO’s website ( ). If you already have a Firefox account created(which you generally do to sync up your browser preferences) then you can directly Log in to the website. Else register yourself and create your account.


Step 2:

Under tools, click on ‘Submit a New Add-on’ to submit your new Add-on for publishing in AMO. You can update your developer profile by clicking on your username and selecting appropriate option from the dropdown.


Step 3:

Once you click on ‘Submit a New Add-on’ in Step 2, you will be proceeded to the below screen. I want my add-on to be available for Global Audience, Hence I choose the first option. If you want your add-on to be available on your own website like Makkhichoose then you can choose 2nd option and click on ‘Continue’.


Step 4:

You will get  the below screen after ‘Step 3’ where you have to upload the add-on zip file. If you get the below error then that means your ‘manifest.json’ is not found in the root of the zip file. To fix this, create a zip file with all the contents in the root folder instead of creating the folder into a zip file. This means if you double click your ‘zip’ file then you should be able to see the ‘manifest.json’ along with other contents of your add-on.


Step 5:

When you click on ‘Continue’ in ‘Step 4’, the page is redirected to the below page. Simple metadata like the name of your add-on, description of your add-on is already extracted from your manifest.json file. However you can still edit it in this page before submitting for review. Also select the category best suited for your add-on on Firefox Desktop and Firefox for android in this screen.


You can also mention the support email-id and a support website but these are not mandatory. Choose the best licence that suits for your add-on. If you are accessing any of the user’s data or sending it to your servers then you might have to click the checkbox related to Privacy policy(Click on the little question mark for more info).

If you have any notes to the reviewer( eg: test account details required to test your add-on )  you can mention it in the space provided below. Finally click on ‘Submit Version for Review’.


Step 6:

Finally you submitted your add-on for review. The Add-on will be published once it is reviewed. You might already got a mail regarding your subscription once you get the below screen.


Step 7:

Lets add the icons and few screenshots for our add-on. click on ‘Manage Listing’ and select your add-on. You can either add a new logo or choose from existing logos and then upload the screenshots, provide little description for your screenshot. Screenshots are the best way to advertise how useful your add-on is to the user before he installs your add-on. Finally click on ‘Save Changes’ for the changes to get saved.


Step 8:

Now you can find your add-on listed along with the status when you click on ‘ Add-on Developer Hub’ on left top corner after ‘Step 7’.



Hope this gives you a clear clarity on publishing your add-on to the Add-ons Marketplace.


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