Leadership summit 2016

I always used to hear about Mozilla Summit-2013, A global gathering in San francisco 2 years back which is a volunteer meet and I always used to wonder how it looks when so many volunteers around the globe come together at a place to Learn,Explore,Energize and Dream about the future of the web and their role in empowering it. I used to think about how it would feel to be a part of such global gathering and it finally happened with the 2016 Leadership Summit at Singapore.

2015 has been an incredible year for me as a volunteer as I got involved in Firefox Student Ambassador Program and Tech Speaker program. with the participation team coming into action there has been major changes in the participation of volunteers,contributors in Mozilla. The PT(Participation team) planned for 3 global gatherings to get volunteers at a place to design the future of their participation in Mozilla and get the things done by the end of the gathering. One such gathering is Leadership Summit at Singapore.

As a volunteer it was a memorable moment to meet my co-volunteers around the globe finally at a place and it indeed reminded me of my previous visit to Singapore(I was a speaker at Fossasia-15 \o/).

I loved the leadership summit a lot as it is the first meetup where FSA Executive board met without missing everyone for the first time and we missed you TJ.IMG_1911.CR2

Day1 started with talks from George, Mark and Rosana.

Rosana started talking about how incredible we are and how diversified we are. We were diversified in many ways. We had volunteers in their teens going to college to 60+ years old contributors in the crowd. when it comes to occupations we are everywhere.To my surprise we had an astronaut too from the crowd.


Mark, Super energetic as always spoke about the past challenges we overcame as a community and how we should be prepared to face the Future challenges(eg. Freebasics -_-). Mark spoke about how they fought with Microsoft to make them allow 3rd party browser installation.


The personality test workshop by George was one of the amazing workshops I attended. Truly saying it helped to realize I am not the only one and there are many others who take things similarly.IMG_0649

This was followed by the division of tracks into Campus Campaign and Connected devices.And for obvious reasons I was in Campus Campaign track because Campus Campaign choose me \o/ .

The people from 270 Strategies are amazing and It was great working with them at Orlando Work Week. I like the way they work and the appreciation they give for your ideas. They first analyze the existing culture and help us to plan it better and execute it in a more impactful way.

Later we had a gathering on FSA’s role in Campus Campaign leaded by Brian and Faye. At the end of the meet we got tons of inputs from the FSA’s, RAL’s, E Board and Reps. We understood what we were doing well and what we lacked in our Program. The meet was planned very well and I felt so excited from the output.

Day 2 was another amazing day and was an Important day for FSA Team as well. We had an FSA meet discussing about the 2016 goals, plans and the immediate To-Do’s after getting back to home.


It was later followed by Campus Campaign closing session and later ended with a closing ceremony by George and Rosana. Yeah we had a Thank you Francisco moment at the end and yes it is impossible to do such gatherings without him.


It was another amazing and thrilling experience to be a part of it. I learned a lot about Strategies,Impact, Facing Challenges, Leadership ,Personality development and most importantly I learnt how Mozilla community has always been impactful in protecting the worlds largest public resource Internet.


And with team work comes so many responsibilities and Fun.Cheers to everyone who were part of my beautiful days at Leadership Summit.





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