Privacy Month-January 2016

As a part of Data Privacy day this January, Mozilla India Launched Privacy campaign this January with the Mission to educate the Internet  users about the Importance of User Privacy on internet and How they should protect themselves from all privacy threats.

Volunteers around the world joined together to be a part of this campaign. Mozilla Reps, FSA’s and Firefox lovers participated in this campaign to educate people about Privacy, Security, Digital footprint, How Mozilla values user privacy and protects the Internet users with Firefox browser features such as Tracking protection, Lightbeam, Forgot button etc. It has been an incredible month with many offline and online events going around the world and the most beautiful part of this campaign is that this is all initiated by volunteers and even the complete campaign is run by volunteers.

We had the Largest Privacy booth with 30000+ Spectators and 5000+ Attendees visited our Booth at Maker Fest in ahmedabad.I organized it as a part of Event Taskforce team of Mozilla India. Kudos to the team Trishul, Ashish, Prathamesh, Ankit Mehtha, Mehul Patel, Sanjay Gowri and Aman Sehgal representing Mozilla India at the Event.

Here goes few blog links and videos:

Online campaign started before January reaching out to as many people as I can. I created a meme for publicity about privacy month. Haha!



The First offline campaign in Hyderabad started with a Train the Trainer session (TTT) to educate the mentors about Privacy month and discussing about the ideas to reach out to people.And I think this is the first offline event in the privacy month as well.We made a plan about how to reach out to people with our creative ideas. DSC_0051

we later thought that online platform is an incredible platform to reach out to internet users about privacy over internet.This is what we did by the end of the day. We got these printed and clicked pictures and tweeted them,posted on Facebook and we had a good outreach more than what we expected.


Here are few links of the offline events happened in Hyderabad

And thats how Privacy Month ended teaching the internet users to protect themselves from tracking and teaching them how important their privacy is for themselves. Here are few statistics about the Privacy Campaign.

privacy report

Excited about Campus Campaign now. \o/


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