Mozilla And Firefox OS @PurpleTalk Inc

It has been a bit of time I did’nt blogged! Priorities matter. But the 1 Hr Talk we had at PurpleTalk Inc,Hyderabad is making me to Blog about it. The resources we used and the kind of Audience we had today is quite different than the one we used previously. I gave a Professional talk after a long time I could say. Involving more as a Community Strategist,Mentoring and My new Job got me away from Speaking.

Today we had a 1.25 Hr Talk with the Employees of PurpleTalk Inc. It was unique in different ways.We always had long talks completely talking about Firefox OS and Apps of which most of the time our Target audience were Student Developers.This time we had a developers working at a Company. The irony is most of the attendees are Android and Windows Phone Developers.Yeah! I got a Thug Life to go with talking about Firefox OS to other OS Developers and Users.

I Started my presentation talking about Firefox OS, Architecture, How Developer Friendly Firefox OS is and continued talking about WebAPI’s, Packaged Apps and Hosted Apps, Debugging and Testing of Apps,Publishing. Thanks to Senior App Reviewer Jai Pradeesh for your Side Deck . I made my own version with the help of your presentation. You can find my side deck here .

12167294_10152950281151116_384381818_n 12168150_10152950281171116_1009898564_n

Later Ram Dayal Continued his Presentation about Firefox OS Add-ons and WebRTC. You can Find his presentation here.

12167746_10152950280926116_1499677037_n 12092560_10152950281056116_603494185_n

Finally it was time for our Community Leader Vineel to Speak about Mozilla and Communities. He Spoke about Mozilla, Various Projects and Programs in Mozilla, How our community actually owns 30 % of Browser users just with the help of participation from Community and Volunteers.


Every talk I give, teaches me something and today I learnt about how to manage time while giving a presentation. We got like 60 Minutes for our talks and we managed everything so well by our collaboration.The Recent Tech Speakers Pilot which I was a part of helped me to improved me a lot about Speaking and Creating impact with your talk.Thank you PurpleTalk Inc for Inviting us.

PS: The presentations are opensource! Anyone can edit it and use for their Presentation.:)


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