Rust Meetup Hyderabad

It has always been an awesome feeling when I organize something Unique and finally turns out to be fantastic party.Rust is a Systems Programming Language From Mozilla Foundation which is famous for not throwing Null pointer exceptions and Segmentation faults,Yes it is so cool. Thank you so much Manish for helping me out with the event.

The Event turned out to be an Housefull Event! Yayyy… I was expecting about 30 Enthusiasts but it turned out be double the strength despite the New Programming Language we are going to deal with.The most Interesting part of this Meetup is most of the attendees are students.

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We followed the below Agenda during the Event.This pattern is Open Source and Everyone can use it for such Event!


  • Intro to Rust
  • Problems with C++
  • Solution for those Problems
  • Basics of Rust
  • Datatypes in Rust
  • Memory Management


Manish did an Amazing job in dealing with the diversified crowd. The post Lunch time totally went on completely with Discussions.Mostly the Discussions went around with the usecases of Rust in their Projects.

Finally we took our Group pic !

Thank you so much Vineel for Helping me out with the Event and providing us the space (Collab House) for the Event.


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