Hands on Webmaker App

Webmaker App has always been a product which I have been curious to know about, from the time it was Announced. Webmaker App which was announced to be a Smartphone app where a web user can create his own web content, publish it and share it with public has finally took its shape. Using this app one can make web apps from their smart phone without having any knowledge about coding.

Webmaker Project is a part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission to create a more open, web literate world.I’m sure Webmaker app gonna change the way in which people look at Web. That would be an awesome moment when a user who uses Web everyday started to make his own web apps and share it with people. This is going to be possible with this webmaker app.

Since the webmaker app is released as a beta release I have organized a Hands on Event on 14th June,2015 with my local Webmaker Teaching Community.It was so much fun. I got a diversified team for the event which got 2 super mentors, 1 mentor and about 8+ Newbies.  I wrote everything about how our event went here,What are the Problems faced with webmaker app during the meet and what all preparations I made before the meet below.

  • First Create an Etherpad First to collect feedback and improvements about the app from the participants of the event.On the etherpad mention some ideas about what they can build using the app.


  • Download the Webmaker app before the event so that even if you have slow Internet during the event you will be able to transfer it to other phones via Bluetooth. PS: Running the app require Internet.
  • If you faced any error after installing the beta version of app( eg:App stopped working ) then restart your phone.Not sure if this is the right solution but it worked.
  • If you don’t have a webmaker Account,cool then create one.If you already have a webmaker account then sign in directly.Sometimes you will face a invalid login error.This is because most of us will be using Persona Login for webmaker account and we never set the password for our webmaker account.So Reset the password and login again,it works.
  • Explore each and every option,button,feature and Everything in the app and ask the attendees to add their feedback to the etherpad.
  • Then Brainstorm the ideas about what webapp you can build using this app. Go to Discover Tab to get ideas about what you can build using Webmaker App.
  • You can make a simple webapp of a Recipe to make Instant Noodles to a webapp showing How to Spent 3 Nights in Los Vegas! B-|
  • Take lots of pics and Interact as much as possible with the attendees during the Event.

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Finally don’t forget to Share your Feedback with the Webmaker Team.They will always Love to hear from you. 🙂


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