Firefox OS App Days @SNIST

        Okay!!!Finally Now its my time to write a blog about the Awesome Ever day of my life… “FIREFOX OS APPDAYS @SNIST” …45 DAYS of Planning, 30 DAYS of waiting,15 DAYS of work…4 DAYS of implementing…2 DAYS of complete Excitement… 24 HOURS of coding…4 HOURS of tweeting…1 HOUR of demos and finally we are done…300+ attendees, 24 apps developed,16+ apps directly submitted into the marketplace,40 people willing to contribute for mozilla,20+ Handicrafts exhibited…Well kind of Mathematical stuff is always essential for ‘Engineers’… 😉

        Even the facts about the app days were too amazing which i came to know only after srikar mentioned them during the App Days.Firefox OS App Days @SNIST is the

  •         1st Firefox OS App Days for 24 hrs by an FSA in coordination with Mozilla Rep
  •         1st Firefox OS App Days in Hyderabad for 24 hrs
  •         1st 24hrs event in the 16 years history of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology
  •         1st Firefox OS AppDays of the year 2014 in INDIA
  •         1st Firefox OS AppDays with a HandiCraft Exhibition

        Since the Biggest day of Mozilla Club Hyderabad has ended,i would like to share my experience about Firefox OS AppDays @SNIST.I got many supercool pictures but sorry, could only accommodate a few here…

Planning time……
         Planning for the App Days was started before 15 days…The first thing we should start was publicity because attendees are the one who are responsible for the success of any event…We opted Eventbrite for Attendee Registrations…Then Next I got two people especially for social media and started publicizing…I started working on regular meets distributing works and spend most of the time in taking  suggestions to make it still better…Many people began to join with us and the entire schedule was made by my Remo Srikar (Thank You)… 😀


Designing time and Handicraft making…
        Well it all started a week before App Days,I want to make my App Days different from any other App Days around India,I want to celebrate my App Days in a Traditional way,I want to make my App Days the most memorable one for every Mozillian out here,An App days in which people could celebrate Coding for Firefox OS…Here comes the Firefox Club @SNIST to the rescue,The Most Active Firefox Club in India…The Innovation and Creative club gave us the idea of Handicrafts and started making them and the Technical cum Designing team spent their whole nights in designing the posters for the App Days…It was a magic after all…Hence done with the Handicrafts,posters and Id cards…Thank you Raghu ram for your ID Cards… 🙂

Registration time…
       It was already Morning!!! I could not sleep the whole night…Excitement was gushing at peaks.Finally managed to reach the venue before 2 hours after getting the Swag and other necessities done for the event.The seminar hall was already ready with decoration by the IC2 Team.The registration desk was set up and in a moment of time before Inaguration the entire hall was filled up.It was a Dream come True experience for me,srikar and raghu ram for having such a Big-bang at the App Days.

Inaguration time…
        Vineel Reddy Pindi,Community and Outreach joined with us for the was a super fabulous feeling to have him for the App days.The Inauguration took off in a Traditional way of singing a welcome song and lightening the Dhiya.It was accompanied by my Director and Faculty advicer…Soon Srikar Ananthula kick started with a session about Contribution to Mozilla…

Hackathon Time…
      It was an awesome feeling after Inauguration watching people from different cities joining us at the App Days…I was Expecting people from Hyderabad and may be a few from nearby Warangal and Karimnagar but people from far off places like Guntur,Nellore,Srikakulam,Vishakapatnam,NIT Trichy,Sastra travelled for about 400+ kms and joined us at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology for the Firefox OS AppDays.Their was a HandiCraft exhibition which has always remained the Center of attraction during the entire App Days.Hackathon was continuously going on with seminars and sessions from other Remo’s and Mozillians.


                    In the mean while during Lunch time we had a meet with FSA’s and mozillians. Vineel has clarified all the doubts we had in our mind until then.There were many questions regarding the upcoming events and community building.

                I had best dinner during the App days.even though the food was not much tasty but having dinner with 20 people around a single table and enjoying the time made it awesome.I would never forget the fun time i had with those people around me.


  Then the Chatter box time started.Had loads of fun meeting new people and talking to them.Those were the best times of the entire App Days.I made friends of my life in those last few hours.Our never ending topics remixed with silly fights had made it much more memorable to me.
         As night began the entertainment time started with many interesting quizzes and Ted talks.The TED talks are the one which we never feel bore even after watching them for 100 times,those are the one which inspire people a lot.The hall was illuminated with claps after every video.It was a great experience at night.


        Early morning CHAI time was the next thing.I never thought i could find a tea stall at 6:00AM near my college.The surprising thing was the stall exactly got opened at 6:00AM. Usually it is said that the Indian Standard Time(IST) is always 10 min late… 😛 The Tea with Osmania Biscuits without brushing our teeth was a thing to be remembered…

Results time…
        Srikar appointed me as an official Tweet boy before the demonstrations of the app!!! 😉 I began posting tweets and in about 25 minutes i posted about 45 tweets…yeah tough time it was.Thanks for the people who supported me during my tweets…. 🙂 you can have a look at them at #FirefoxSNIST …I was totally amazed by the demos from the developers…there were apps related to social importance,science,quizzes,games,utilities and many more…Hats off to all the Developers who made those apps and published into the marketplace in an overnight…

      The Winners were evaluated by Srikar Ananthula.It really requires an experienced person like him to take that position.Thank you Srikar.

Closing Ceremony…
         The Winner,Runner and the 3rd prize were declared and Momentos,Swag was distributed to them.We even declared the winner with the most number of tweets during the entire App Days.
         This is the most beautiful part of the App Days.I have no words to explain about them.The signing off part is pretty difficult in all such events.We had a Cake cutting party and finally group photos with the attendees and organisers.The feeling is unimaginable when people come and ask “Hey bro!!!Can I have a pic with you? ” …

         Thank you all who stayed with me during my entire journey of App Days.Thank you Srikar Ananthula for your all time support,Without you I would’nt have organized such a big party.You made my day.Thank you Vineel Reddy for your all time kind support.Thank you Vivek and ICC-SNIST for helping me out with this big event and thank you girls for your hardwork and Patience in making us Handicrafts.Thank you my Team Firefox Club@SNIST for staying with me and bearing me all the time….. 😉 Thank you Remo Srikanth and my fellow Mozillians Jayanth, Ajay ,Hemanth and Bhargav for always giving me your valuable suggestions and support.Thank you Attendees for joining with us.As always my special thanks to Raghu Ram for always being with me.
       Thank you one and all and my Hearty Congratulations for the Winners!!! 🙂


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